Guitar Links

This is me in action (just be grateful there's no sound!)


Looking to hire a band for an event? Row Z are a jazz-funk band with a diverse set list - follow the link and check out Richard Smith's guitar work on the sample mp3 tracks. Richard's also my guitar tutor but it'll be some time before I approach his level of playing!
http://www.bestguitarfest.com Wirral International Guitar Festival, from 11th to 26th November 2004....too late for this year!
http://groups.google.com/group/uk.music.guitar/about Google guitar group
http://www.totalguitar.co.uk Total Guitar magazine
http://www.intermusic.com/magazines/guitartechniques/ Guitar Techniques magazine
http://www.licklibrary.com Download jamming tracks, online store. Some subscription content but you can browse for free.
Great site for free tab downloads - it's my first choice, and no annoying advert pop ups (well, not many anyway)
Lots of links, most of which I haven't explored
http://www.guitarmasta.net/ Tabs
http://www.tabalorium.com/ Tabs
http://www.mikesguitarsite.co.uk/tabs/blues/ Quite a few blues tabs here, Albert Collins, Clapton, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy....to name a few.
Crank up that overdrive and rock on.....if that's your bag.
Home of the amp
Got a Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul? Yeah, I don't expect one from Santa either. Never mind, we can dream.
http://www.gibson.com Home of the Gibson Les Paul, (think 2,000) and the budget Epiphone Les Paul range (think 350).
On line and high street music store