We visited Sparchford Farm during half term in June 2003.  It is located a few miles to the East of Craven Arms, Shropshire near Seighton.

Surroundings - glorious countryside.  The site is on a working farm with sheep and ducks.  The field was really boggy when we arrived but the weather cleared during our two day stay.  The field is located along quite narrow roads but not impossible.  There are two fields, one is a rally field.  Pitches are individually marked and some have electricity.  There is a sign saying no ball games but this is not really enforced.  The field is not manicured - very much "getting away from it all".  Heard owls at night and it is really dark at night - plenty of stars about.  Some lovely walks in the area - we followed a public footpath which led to a field - path well defined in middle of field, next path over ploughed field - hard with two bikes.  Even worse we had to negotiate a five bar gate with two bikes!  This gate led us into one of those horrendous 60mph country roads with no path that no sane person would be on with two little kids and bikes.  Therefore kids ended up on verge and we ended up with back ache having pushed the bikes back!  Things got little better when we reached the village with 30 mph signs everywhere - most people were doing at least 45!  Be warned if you venture onto a field footpath turn back when you reach the ploughed field!

Play area - there isn't one but this is Ok as the kids are allowed to ride their bikes.

Facilites - very basic - one toilet of each and one shower - in same barn block.  Toilets unheated which wasn't a problem in this weather.  Area for washing up - no laundry or anything else bar fresh water and chemical disposal point.

Big negative point, which surprised us, was the 1 charge for the shower - or that's what it said on the meter. 1! I still can't believe it - how can a shower POSSIBLY use this much power????? Maybe it said 1 but was actually 20p or something? Anyway, we declined the shower. I wouldn't use it on principle at this price.

On a more positive note, the farmhouse sells homemade apple pies - delicious - homemade scones - delicious!  Also sells lots of different flavoured ice creams which we didn't sample.  No basics though.

Other stuff - cost 8 a night - seemed Ok as that was with electric.  Very nice area - variety of campers - everyone seemed tolerant of others.

Would we visit again - maybe - there are plenty of other campsites around and variety is the spice of life!