Mountain biking links

The dream.....nice & easy with no uphills (but some rocky downhills), sunshine, no mud or puddles, and the car park coming into view as soon as you've lost your legs...!

......and the muddy reality!!!! But do we wheel our bikes through the muddy bits like these big girls, oh no! - we just blast on regardless, sometimes getting a mouthful of mixed mud and sheep's droppings when the rear end goes awol and we hit the dirt. We're normally made to strip off our outer layers before allowed in the house! Wetter is better! Yee-ha!

http://mtb-wales.com/ The great thing about this site is the video footage. Here's an example of one of the crashes! Seriously, these will give you an idea of some of the trails. There's some of the Karrimoor trail in Coed y Brenin forest, which is the toughest trail I've done, but comes well recommended. You'll need to sign up (free) to the site to view them, but it's well worth it. There's even several videos of crashes - we've all been there, and know how much it hurts....!
http://www.ridetheclwyds.com/rideclwyds/index.asp Some fiine rides around the Wrexham area (30mins from Chester)
http://www.mtbbritain.co.uk/ MTB Britain -  there's quite a few pictures of steep bits on here, plus advice on technical descents, climbing etc;
Trail_disasters_how_to_avoid_them.html As it says - useful!
Now for the gross bit - my latest injuries!!! On a fast downhill, hit some tree roots on a bank and the bike slid from under me. Gained a spot of road rash from the exposed earth, and the big bruise was due to the crossbar smacking me in the leg as I slid along the dirt! Impressive eh?