Discussion Forums
http://www.motorhomefacts.com A new link! Lots of information on this site, and several discussion forums. Worth a look
Motorhoming for Families Discussion Group A new forum we've just set up. This is to try and provide a forum just for the small number of motorhomers with children where we can exchange details on child friendly sites etc. 
Yahoo! Motorhome List (busiest group) Extremely well used discussion forum via Yahoo 
MSN Motorhome Owners Motorhome owners discussion group on MSN
Motorhome Living Discussion Group For those living in their motorhomes full time,or much of the time.
http://www.mmmonline.co.uk MMM magazine online - includes forum.
http://www.motorcaravanners.org.uk/ An excellent resource for motorcaravanners, by motorcaravanners.....as the name might suggest! There's also a section just for kids.
http://www.gemclub.co.uk/ Club for owners of Italian built motorhomes
http://www.cmca.net.au/ The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA)
http://www.ukmotorhomes.net/ Useful commercial site. An interesting french travelogue on the site at the time of writing.
http://www.oakwood-village.com They say "The home of complete information and expertise for camping, caravanning, motor caravanning and holiday homes". Quite a useful page on manually tuning in to satellite tv.
http://www.suntreckers.co.uk Want to combine motorhoming with getting your kit off? This is a site for motorhoming naturists, which isn't us......at least not yet!!! I must search out other "niche" motorhoming sites!
http://www.gaycaravanclub.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ I think the link says it all.
http://www.freedomclub.co.uk And another one for gay campers.
http://www.ewhitwell.freeserve.co.uk/caravan.htm Christian campers? Follow the link!
If you have any links for inclusion here, particularly for organisations catering for niche groups, send details to webmaster@ricksweb.co.uk
http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk/ Good source for various accessories. Neill is a keen motorhomer, and always a sound bet for advice.
Electronics equipment, inverters, audio visual etc; - currently selling the Sharp Acquos LCD TV - we have the 20" in our van partly due to the wide viewing angle (the laptop view angle is hopeless so we got a proper TV!)
http://www.caktanks.co.uk Stock a wide range of parts and spares for motorhomes, from gas pipe to sealant, and air con to water tanks. Not the fastest for delivery, but reliable. 
http://www.vanbitz.com Motorhome security by motorhomers for motorhomers
http://www.safewaysltd.co.uk Manufacturers of deadlocks for motorhomes - reasonably priced and seem popular if the chatrooms are to be believed. Regular advertisers in MMM (Motorhome Motorcaravan Monthly).
http://www.agentfiamma.co.uk For all things Fiamma  (Italian for flame, apparantly). Fiamma is the main producer of motorhome accessories, but don't forget the likes of Omnistor as well (see http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk)
New and Pre-loved Vans 
Campers for sale - Luxury Motorhomes plus selection of pre-loved vehicles
Owner's Sites
http://www.xor.org.uk/ Now this is worth looking at! This chap has a Mercedes Unimog ex army truck and goes all over the world such as China, Siberia and Afghanistan.
http://www.ourwanderer.org.uk/ Loads of information about what to ook for when buying a van. I haven't looked at the site in depth yet, but looks interesting!
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/campingcar24/ I like this site - it's all in French, which isn't my strong point but I managed to get the gist of the tale of une voiture dans le canal à cinq mètres de notre camping-car!!!!!
Steve of Herefordshire's van build pages Some good tips here, particularly regarding levelling the van, easy water filling, wild camping etc;
http://www.bdauncey.ic24.net/ Lots of info on European sites, incuding maps!
http://www.motorcaravanning.co.uk/ Neill King's site includes owner reviews, and message forums - worth a visit. Also has an online shop now.
http://www.buymeapint.com Does exactly what it says on the tin! Nothing to do with motorhomes but you can buy our friend Paul a pint if you really want to.
http://www.a-motorhome-on-tour.co.uk Includes downloadable checklist (MS Access)
http://www.motorhomeworld.com/MotorhomeImport.htm Summary of vehicle import regs - but not revised since 1999
Ricksweb's importing page Not very comprehensive but it's a start!
http://www.cassoa.co.uk The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association - a must for those requiring secure storage.
http://www.beenybox.co.uk Get skirt lockers fitted underneath your van if you're short of space. 
http://www.chrishodgetrucks.co.uk/ Comprehensive list of weighbridges
http://www.knowsley-caravans.co.uk/caravan_breakers.htm Essex caravan breakers - for spares
http://www.caravanbreakers.net/ South Wales caravan breakers - for spares
http://www.motorhomes-repair-manuals.co.uk Haynes type manuals
http://www.moto-way.com Ever tried to find details of motorway services on the web? Perhaps you need something from Boots or Halfords. This site lets you see which eateries and retailers are at each Moto service station.
http://www.little-chef.co.uk/ In case of emergencies! Includes route planning and locations.
http://www.practicalmotorhome.com Another magazine - although we prefer MMM. [DID I WRITE TIHS????? I prefer Practical Motorhome these days - it's well, more practical!
http://www.roadlincs.com/ Table of speed limits - the bigger the van, the more likely you are to be restricted to 50mph on a single carriageway
PSI  to Bar tyre pressure conversion table Find out what the equivalent of 5 bar is in PSI, so you can check your tyre pressures. 
http://www.caravanshows.com/ Details of trade fairs at Earls Court and G Mex
Places to Visit
http://www.swscotland.clara.net/scotland.html Scottish sites - includes some sample itineries.
http://www.caravan-sitefinder.co.uk/index.html Search for sites across the UK
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