Van Inventory Database

If you know how to use Access, download this database. There's a few records in it to give a flavour of how it works - we've deleted hundreds of records so you don't  know what's in the van and our preferred store cupboard supplies. or preferred brand of whisky!!. To open the database without the menu coming up (i.e. to disable the autoexec macro) you have to go "behind the scenes" by holding down the shift key when opening it up.You'll then be able  to edit the "Rooms" and "Categories" tables. This will enable you to customise it to your van by specifying lockers, drawers etc;

I set this up from an Access wizard and haven't bothered tidying up some of the reports, and there's tables and things in that I wouldn't have added but it works. I should add that I am quite capable in Access - I just don't have the time (and if I've been using it in the office, I ain't got the inclination either!!!).

Good luck! If you get stuck, I might be able to advise but best bet is to get a copy of Access for Dummies or similar - it's quite simple once you get the hang of it!

Van inventory.MDB