We visited this site during the half term in June 2003.  The town of Ross on Wye is, guess what, situated on the River Wye, and from memory, the river passes by the site.  The brochure picture is very accurate but you must bear in mind that the greenery shown on the picture is the only greenery!

Surroundings - To get there you have to turn at the Safeway roundabout and drive through an industrial estate and a scrapyard which is hardly the most prepossessing introduction.  Once at the site the plots are individual hard standing with room for tents.  The main part of the field reminded me of a running track; if you can imagine the vans on the perimeter, the road like a doughnut and a field in the middle.  The field in the middle is divided down the middle horizontally so you are in effect back to back or front to  back as we were.  There are no staggers so you are literally right up to the van in front.  The position of the sun makes it so you have to park like this if the other person has backed in. 

Essentially, we were parked about three feet behind the van in front, with a reasonable amount of space to our right but just imagine being parked in traffic and that's what this site feels like. Manicured lawns etc; but a bit regimented for our liking.

Play area - Right down one end of the site (this site is so rectangular).  We were miles from it and because of the straight roads you couldn't see the kids for most of the time.  The play area was OK but nothing special - more the municipal type - nothing to do with wood here!  I don't think my 7 year old was particularly impressed. No bike riding allowed either!

Facilities - There are two toilet blocks which both shut at varying times for cleaning.  You need a code to get in - I was not given this code upon arrival so I went to ask at the office where I was told gruffly "are you staying here?" to which I said "yes" and then "well have you forgotten it already?"  When I explained it hadn't been provided with the code, apologies were forthcoming - this having a code here is a bit of a joke - there is no way anybody else would be down here other than the campers!  (It's at the end of a scrap yard!).  The toilet blocks are fully tiled, plenty of toilets, good big hot showers and there are hair dryers.  There may have been extra vanity cubicles - I am sure there were.  There is a chemical toilet disposal point, fresh water points and a laundry.  Washing up facilities appear OK but I can't comment further as I didn't use them.  Oh and one other thing - the copious rules stated that you couldn't use your own washing line and had to hang clothes in the laundry!!!  This, I think, is really pretentious and it's not like this park is so picturesque!

Shop - non existent - plenty of leaflets in reception.

Other stuff - yet another site where the kids weren't allowed to ride their bikes!  No chance of any owls hooting here at night - loads of lights at night as well.  This site is not in the country in the way many motorhomers would describe "country".  The river is at the edge of the campsite but there are a lack of trees for my liking and we have come to the conclusion that we much prefer the type of site where the vans or whatever are all round the edge of the field.

This site cost us over 21 a night and I don't think it was worth it - but having said that there was nothing wrong with the facilities, the surroundings were just not to our taste.  There are many positive reviews on ukcampsite.co.uk but these must be from people who do not feel the urge to "get away from it all".

Would we stay here again - no, because of Doward Park.

Rich's comment: No, no, no - would not come here again. I don't like being restricted with too many rules and regulations, and I don't really care how "nice" the paths and lawns and toilet blocks are so long as it's clean. Just give me a good shower, and plenty of space, wildlife and not too much lighting - for me, it's about relaxing. I spend my working life in a regulated urban environment - and I don't need it on my hols! But give me Doward Park anyday!